Moshi iGlaze Case Manufacturing Issue

Moshi's iGlaze case for the M1 is suffering from severe manufacturing issues.

  • Latest update as of 30 MAR 2021, Moshi shipped another replacement case after a couple months and this one works! It now fits well and my Macbook Air is now protected! I would recommend purchasing this case directly from Moshi in the near-term to ensure you receive the updated revision that fixes this issue.

  • Latest update as of 19 FEB 2021, Moshi noted they are working on a fix and the new unit should be available sometime in March 2021.

  • I have been working with the company for the past few weeks but unfortunately I have not received a case from Moshi that fits Apple's M1 MacBook Air properly.

  • The first unit I purchased directly from Moshi did not attach to the bottom of the MacBook Air M1 at all.

  • The second one in this video only attaches on the bottom right side, also available at the end of this post for viewing.

  • Moshi is continuing to work with me on this issue, they last responded on 13 FEB 2021 noting that have forwarded these details to their operations team. Moshi makes very high quality products for Apple products that last for years-- hopefully they will be able to drive it resolution!

  • I do NOT recommend buying this hardshell case until this issue is resolved, stay tuned for updates!